16. - 23. okt 2019, Düsseldorf Nemčija

Digital technologies are taking over the plastics and rubber industries as well. In order to make production processes even more efficient, a future-proof compressed air supply is essential. Kaeser compressors and treatment components combine impressive performance and energy efficiency with maximum compressed air availability and minimal maintenance requirement. 

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Smart compressed air for tomorrow’s plastics industry

Krmilni element sistema Sigma Air Manager 4.0
The SAM 4.0 compressed air management system coordinates all individual components as part of a complete team to ensure that the required volume of compressed air, at the required quality, is available at all times. This minimises costs and enhances efficiency.

All of the components within a compressed air system should operate as efficiently as possible: compressors, compressed air treatment and distribution systems. However it’s not just the efficiency of the individual components that counts; rather, true efficiency is measured at the system level. In other words, components don’t work in isolation, they’re part of a team - and a team is most effective when it is perfectly coordinated. In modern compressed air stations from Kaeser, this vital aspect is performed by the advanced Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0) compressed air management system. 

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